Catherine Mills

6210893Catherine Mills is a Whitby based artist who has spent many years in the decorative paint industry. She has worked on such prestigious projects as the ROM (Chinese exhibit and Dynamic Earth exhibits) Casea Loma, Casino Niagara, Casino Windsor, Pillar and Post, Queen’s Landing, White Oaks Spa and Resort and Hockley Valley to name a few.

In the ‘Jewels’ series, I am exploring how these pieces of costume jewelry mutate as they are magnified, segmented and rotated.  I have painted pieces from my personal collection, and pieces that belonged to my Grandmother. These pieces are all of great sentimental value to me and I believe that this might resonate with all of us who hold talismans of loved ones, and the memories embedded in our own pieces imbue them with a type of power. They become strange mnemonic devices, and if we listen hard enough, look closely enough, the stories will emerge. The jewelry is a metaphor for all of us; some shine brightly, glitteringly indifferent. Some are worn, cracked with a patina developed from a life lived fully and imperfectly. The magnification creates micro landscapes that tell a far more detailed story than the glistening surface would superficially tell us.  The paradox of minute observation, spanning millimetres, tells a far more panoramic story than a cursory glance of a bracelet dangling mutely on a wrist ever could.

Past Works