Julia Veenstra

Julia Veenstra is a Canadian artist (now located in Hamilton) who is well travelled and has lived in four different countries.  Her work is found in collections around the world.   Her life experiences have vastly affected her work from subject matter to location, and as a painter, her work is colourful, vibrant and full of texture and movement.  She is an impressionistic representational, lively artist.  Her work reflects her surroundings and translates how she sees the world; you can almost see the dancing she does in her studio while painting!

Julia’s medium of choice is acrylic as she enjoys the immediacy and the bright colours.  “I try sometimes to tone it down, sometimes I can, but the intense colours usually make their way to the top!”

Recently her work has made a very “Canadian” turn.  She is enjoying living back in Canada and it is evident in her paintings. Canadians clients are appreciating her present body of work as evidenced by the increasing commissions that Julia is receiving.   You can find her most days in her studio in the heart of the burgeoning art centre of James Street North in Hamilton, Ontario.

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