Kiki Kays

Carol Kays, known by many as Kiki, grew up with a Trinidadian influence. It was this influence that caused her passion for colour and texture to take root, although she wouldn’t
fully realize it until years later.

After choosing a more ‘conventional’ avenue of earning a living, enrolling in art classes in 2007 in her home town of Bowmanville, Ontario suddenly reignited her passion for art. Kiki feels she is a bit of a daydreamer who pursued art as a way to express herself. Art for her was a way to escape the everyday stress a full time job and family could bring. Kiki feels she is a “what if” kind of artist. If an idea captivates her she is determined to get it on canvas.

She now feels that, in as much as she chose art, art also chose her. Her initial talent was unmistakable, as she sold her first painting while setting up for her first show. Although her paintings are constantly evolving, there is a definite abstract feel, with a touch of whimsy to her work. She plans to continue exploring new themes and is delighted with the positive reaction her paintings are creating.

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Past Works