Lisa Free

Lisa Free first explored her interests in the arts professionally during a 15 year career in theatrical costume and subsequently as a commercial textile artist. A decade ago, she returned to her family roots in the 1000 Islands, taking the opportunity to explore local subjects in her oil paintings.

“Landscapes dominate my most recent work. I am taken by the demands that light, color balance and composition play in capturing the viewer’s attention. I typically begin work with an image that interests me from a photo or memory, and in stages the image transforms into something quite different. Even though my process is quite methodical, my best work is a result of remaining spontaneous in finding an interesting use of light, shape, tension and energy to capture a specific moment in time. As a painter, the way I see the world is always changing and evolving, and I continually look forward to the next discovery.” – Lisa Free

Lisa’s work is enjoyed by an international client base across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Past Works