Meredith Bingham

“Sometimes the circle represents people in my life, sometimes it is about myself, always it is
about wanting to manifest something beyond what I see and experience in my day to day life…
To show that we are flawed, broken and beautifully unfinished. Some people say a perfect
circle is the shape of Heaven; I love that”.

                                                             –Meredith Bingham

Meredith Bingham’s work comes from the intuitive, the irrational and the accidental in the
creation of a work of art. the idea of building up and breaking down colour and form until it
becomes recognizable and “feels” complete. Once it is finished she believes in letting the art
stand on its own as an object of interest in its own right, not as a representation of something

Bingham graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1997 earning an honours
degree in Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Education. She currently shows at galleries in
Toronto, Kelowna, Ottawa, Saskatoon and now Waterloo!

Her work is included in many private and corporate collections, and has been extensively
included in a variety of home decorating shows (on HGTV), including designers
Candice Olsen (Divine Design, and Candice Tells All),  Sarah Richardson (Sarah’s House),
Brian Baeumler (Disaster DIY) and Scott McGillivray (Income Property). Her work has also
been featured in a number of  issues of House and Home and Style at Home.

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