Michelle Armas


Thanks for your interest in my work! I started painting a few years ago to battle the stress of my corporate branding job (ok, I was an intern, you caught me), but it was still really stressful. I have a bachelor of International Relations, and a post graduate degree in Graphic Design and Branding from the prestigious Portfolio Center in Hotlanta. I lasted about one year in the New York branding world before I threw in the towel and started trying to make a living by painting, and now you are reading this, so I guess I made it big time!

I paint in acrylic and oil, large and small, abstract and sometimes portraits too. You can always contact me for custom orders, or as we say in the art world: commissions. It is a super fun process, and you can learn all about it here! (http://armasdesign.blogspot.com/2011/05/so-you-want-to-commission-painting.html)

I live in Atlanta with my husband and two sweet doggies. We are decorating and remodeling our 100 year old bungalow in a leafy intown neighborhood, and documenting it on my blog, go on, be a voyeur. I work out of a studio in Decatur, Georgia (famous for not allowing science books to have the theory of evolution in them, recently ya’ll, like in 2005).

Past Works