Tiffany Miller

Tiffany M. Miller was born in Cambridge, Ontario and now lives in Kitchener with her husband and two daughters. Tiffany studied hairstyling and worked in the creative field for several years.  Seven years ago, she discovered her passion for painting on canvas. Upon finding her own style and staying true to that, she has been learning the artist’s trade and developing herself in the art community. Her work is on display in personal art collections as well as professional offices.

“Creating contemporary abstract landscape paintings on canvas is my way of capturing beauty and to show the different colour and textural representations of nature. Using acrylic medium, I layer texture and colour through the use of various sizes of brushes, palette knives and sponges. Using neutral colours as my foundation provides me with a soothing and calming feeling. I embrace stronger and more vivid contrasting colours as a reflection of the ever changing seasons in Ontario. I believe that keeping an enthusiastic and optimistic attitude can help maintain a peaceful existence and I hope other people view my work with the same optimism.”    – Tiffany M. Miller

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