Valeria Mravyan

valeriaA Russian-born artist, she has lived for several decades now in Canada where she has become finely attuned to ever-changing regional light. Residing, as she does, practically next door to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, has also made her intimate with the Canadian landscape painting tradition, most notably expressed by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. Finely attuned to nature and the seasons, Mravyan says, “It’s very important for me to express the feeling of an autumn afternoon or a peaceful, cold winter day.” While her gently abstracted paintings may depict a tree, a figure, or a house, these familiar motifs are rendered otherworldly by mysterious atmospheric effects. Like theatrical backdrops or scrims, her pictures convey what she describes as “the illusion of something that is there but not there.” Capturing the mutability of light and weather over the course of a day, her impressions of fresh clear morning light can segue into a golden, muted late-afternoon glow over burnished trees, sometimes before our eyes.

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