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Unit 103-187 King St. S.
in the Bauer Marketplace
in Uptown Waterloo
phone: 519-745-2278

Upcoming Events

Our Fall Line up!

Susan Gale: Everyday Beauty
Opening Night: Thurs. Sept. 22 @5:30pm

Dave Hind: The Thingmaker
Opening Night: Thurs. Oct. 27 @5:30pm

8th Annual Square Foot
& Big Ideas Show

Opening Night: Thurs. Nov. 24 @ 5:30pm

Artists interested in participating are encouraged to visit our submissions page for all the details.

Deadline for submission of jpeg images is Fri. Oct 28

Random Inspiration

Mravyan, Summertime, 40x48, acrylic on canvas Mravyan, Reflection, 20x20, acrylic on canvas Mravyan, Central Park, 24x36, acrylic on canvas Mravyan, When Summer is Gone, 12x48, acrylic on canvas Bagneres, Winter Aria, 12x12, mixed media on panel, $275.00 Bagneres, Homecoming, 12x12, mixed media on panel, $275.00 Bagneres, Sojurn, 35x36, mixed media on panel, $1,700.00 Bagneres, Family Picnic, 24x30, mixed media on panel, $900.00 Bagneres, Divided by Five, 16x20, mixed media on panel, $450.00