James Hertel

A local artist in photography, James Hertel was born in Kitchener in 1947. He had worked in the Graphic Arts for ten years before embarking on a full time photographic career. He has a great love for the rural country-side of Waterloo County. The country Landscapes and Old Order Mennonite horse and buggy scenes that comprise his photographic art. He uses 35mm and medium format cameras with wide angle to long telephoto lenses to create his images. He also tries to keep anything modern out of the backgrounds to and make the images look as old as possible. James has had six horse and buggy images published in a sellout Publication “People Apart” by Sand Hills Press.

In 1981 James won the Photographer of the Year Award in Milwaukee at the annual University Photographers Association of America convention; the first Canadian to do so. In 1985 he won the Photographer of the Year Award /GrandGold award for the Coucil of Advance Study and Education in Washington D.C.

James is now working on his own photography after a thirty two year career as University Photographer with Wilfred Laurier University.

Past Works