Paula White Diamond

paula picPaula White-Diamond has been a professional artist for the last 30 years. Having trained at George Brown College in graphic design and at the Ontario College of Art and Design in experimental arts, she has integrated her many years of experience with her underlying passion for creativity.

Paula’s work is reflective. There is always a presence of colour, form, texture and light in each of her pieces. Her subject matter is typically organic in nature. A simple bouquet of flowers; a passing field; a morning sunrise. Her works are often painted from memory (not photographs) thus invoking an emotional connection to each and every piece.

For the last 10 years Paula has owned and operated her own art gallery in Waterloo, Ontario where she represents some of Canada’s finest contemporary artists in addition to showing her own work.

Paula’s work has been installed in many private and corporate collections throughout Canada and the United States.

Entering a new phase in her life she looks forward to sharing these new collections of work with a broader audience.

Artwork currently Available in the Gallery

Past Work